Travel Lifestyle Blog | Daisy PyoHi, I’m Daisy. A 20-something-year-old who isn’t so keen for labels. I’m just a human being who loves stories – reading them, writing them, and telling them.

I initially launched my blog in June 2016 to simultaneously cultivate my creativity and take a break from my monotonous studies. Now, I’m just documenting the process of figuring it out.

There really is no one set purpose for this dot com, it is simply a space for me to express myself, write because I love to, and translate my experiences traveling and living abroad into words as best as I can. Driven by my insatiable love for travel and desire to create something raw and beautiful, I built this platform to share, inspire, and connect with those with similar interests. Why die with all your ideas inside of you?

My skill set and interests ranges from digital marketing, writing, content creation, photography and visual storytelling.

Have an idea? Wanna collaborate? I’m always down to chat.