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September 2017

  • Seoul On Film #35mm | Dongmyo Flea Market | Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Daisy Pyo

    Seoul On Film 01 | Dongmyo Flea Market

    Dongmyo flea market is more like an open garage sale minus the garage. It can be a bit intense with all the hal-uh-buh-jis (grandpas) yelling about the deals left and right,…

  • Musings | Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Daisy Pyo

    A Girl Like Me Mix | Musings

    Recently, I decidedΒ that I’m so over shying away from who I am!!! I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to create more and share more. So here’s a mix I…

  • August Favorites | Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Daisy Pyo

    Things I’ve Been Liking | August Favorites

    Damn, August is already over. AlthoughΒ fall is the shortest season in Atlanta, it’s always been my favorite. Perhaps that’s the reason why I love it so much, for coming and leaving…