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August 2017

  • What to Eat in Tokyo | Tokyo Foodie Guide | Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Daisy Pyo

    Tokyo Eats | Food Diary

    I’m not even gonna front, I planned my Tokyo itinerary around food. I had a long list of things I wanted to eat within the 5 days I spent here. Although…

  • 72 Hours in Bangkok Thailand | Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Daisy Pyo

    72 Hours in Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok is a bustlin’ commercial city. It’s busy. It’s not the cleanest of places. The heat and humidity can beΒ overwhelming.Β The traffic is insane. Every hour is basically rush hour, and it…

  • Elephant Nature Park | Chiang Mai Travel Guide | Travel & Lifestyle Blog by Daisy Pyo

    A Guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Chiang MaiΒ is the ideal destination in Thailand if youΒ want to travel slow and be surrounded by nature’s beauty, as it’s located right in the mountainous range of northern Thailand. I made…